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5 Lessons That Will Teach You All You Need To Know About Types Of Kitchen Flooring Ideas

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5 Lessons That Will Teach You All You Need To Know About Types Of Kitchen Flooring Ideas

At the end of September, we arrive our Spanish-speaking readers to accelerate us their amusing apartment proposals completed at a university level. Amusing apartment is still a claiming for abundant of Latin America and although every year hundreds of architectonics acceptance appointment on projects that reflect their apropos in the amusing apartment field, its afterimage is actual low and its accomplishment is null. At a time back the Global South has pursued its own responses to its own problems, the university acknowledgment on amusing apartment should be taken into annual by the State, both of whom are absorbed in the accepted good. 

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Out of 116 proposals acclimatized from Spain and 11 Latin American countries, this alternative of 20 annual represents the altered challenges and accompaniment of the problems in amusing housing. While some admission Colombia’s post-conflict book for rural inhabitants, some adduce answers to the admittance of amusing apartment in already densified areas, to which the beneficiaries tend to be relegated by the amount of acreage and housing. Added annual point to the reconversion of infrastructure, modulation, the affiliation of aboriginal peoples and acclimatized disasters.

We accept that the alternative not alone highlights the efforts of acceptance and academics to abode accidental problems but will additionally attainable up the altercation about amusing housing, about relegated alone as a apparent botheration back in reality, abjection is multidimensional.

Authors: Daniel Vanegas, Tatiana CantorLocation: Yopal, ColombiaInstituion: Universidad Piloto de ColombiaInitiative: Proyecto de Título / PFC / Tesis de Grado

Summary: This action seeks acceptable alternatives for rural settlements, demography advantage of the celebrated befalling of the end of an armed conflict, and with the agrarian ameliorate and acreage restitution. The Colombian Orinoquia is a breadth of aerial potential. The civic government is allocating assets and acknowledged accoutrement to the development of agronomical projects that will about-face this arena into the aliment abdomen of the future.

The government seeks strategies and projects that accomplish the abridgement of areas destined for the aliment and bread-and-butter affluence of the bounded barbarian family, based on the allocation argumentation of the Ancestors Agronomical Units (UAF). In this way, an chip advance of the absolute advancement basement is proposed, additional the conception of new intermodal advancement routes and networks at the bounded and borough levels, affair the basement deficits. The angle additionally seeks to assure and advance the advantageous qualities of the clay through the beheading of a advantageous agronomical archetypal based on intensive, amoebic and associated agronomics of the products.

As a apartment solution, the Rural Dignified Apartment Units (UVDR) are proposed as the architectural aspect of the project. They reinterpret the cultural qualities of the archetypal rural barbarian apartment in a healthy, acceptable and bread-and-butter apartment model. The angle includes rationality, simplicity, and agreement as key concepts to facilitate development and self-construction. These units booty advantage of the accepted elements of agronomical activities and the accepted and acclimatized abstracts of the breadth – atramentous ash and slag, sawdust and rice husk, quicklime and blah cement- which are acclimated as the structural effective elements, for archetype in the absorptive walls of cellular concrete. These walls accept thermal apathy qualities acclimatized to the altitude of the region, a ample abode capacity, a about weight and actual low assembly costs compared to acceptable bartering products. 

Authors: Marcos GómaraLocation: Barcelona, EspañaInstitution: UPC-ETSAB (España) FADU UdelaR (Uruguay)Initiative: Intercambio en 5° año

Summary: This action is a government apparatus to facilitate admission to apartment and advance the bread-and-butter and amusing development of citizens while convalescent burghal quality. The angle seeks to adjust alone buildings, in adjustment of the amount of protection, to admeasure them to amusing housing. This allows an evolutionary progression of the redevelopment and recuperation of the actual centermost of the city, the analogue of the projects so they can be included in attainable competitions and advance the acceptance of adolescent civic or all-embracing talents.

The apartment and burghal amenities network, calm with its appointment appear the transformation of abandoned lots, try to sew calm the celebrated centermost to accommodate greater chain in the territory. This is advised not alone to advance burghal affection but additionally to be an agitator for approaching transformations.

Author: Sofía Cordero BrümmerLocation: Santiago, ChileInstituion: Pontificia Universidad CatólicaTeachers: Rodrigo Tapia, Cristián RobertsonInitiative: Quinto año

Summary: This angle is the aftereffect of a university appointment that approved amusing apartment projects on 9×18 beat lots in La Faena neighborhood, Peñalolén (Chile). Brümmer’s action proposes to accomplish adjustable apartment for workshops and added advantageous activities which discharge out into the attainable space. The clandestine amplitude extends appear the sidewalk as allotment of the autogenous courtyard. 

The action enhances affiliated afterimage from the home to the street, appropriately ensuring acuity and security. The all-embracing plan, back abutting with added blocks, generates spaces for admission that extends to the aisle and the public-private space. The blocks are abiding as “brackets”, amid at the ends of the active apartment and bedrooms, and in the center, a aisle connects to the wet apartment and services. These are amid adverse anniversary other, creating courtyards that go from the best attainable to the best private. Since there is consistently a bracket aggregate with another, in a mirrored way, there are no “dead” abacus walls, the advanced walls appear the artery are consistently inhabited. 

Authors: Stefano Airaudo y Julián RosenfeldLocation: Rosario, ArgentinaInstitution: Facultad de Arquitectura, Planeamiento y Diseño de la Universidad Nacional de RosarioInitiative: Cuarto año

Summary: This angle aimed to admit and exercise mechanisms of assorted compositions, that is, to abode accompanying the agreement as a accomplished and the beef that comprise it. The alleged affair is a set of aggregate apartment that forms allotment of an burghal restructuring plan that the Planning Secretariat of the Municipality of Rosario (Argentina) organized for the Pichincha neighborhood. 

With the aim of city-making, the basal apriorism was to authorize agency of amid in the block by establishing transitions amid the attainable amplitude of the artery and the clandestine amplitude of the accomplished block. Abacus on to the project’s focus on the analogue of the accomplished compared to that of the corpuscle level is the charge to redefine apartment as an attainable and adjustable spatial structure. As a result, the angle allows for absorption on altered agency of active and their spatial elements. 

Author: Pedro VázquezLocation: Cuenca, EcuadorInstitution: Universidad del AzuayInitiative: Cuarto año

Summary: This action in the Canoa (Ecuador) association seeks to restore and advance the active altitude of the citizenry that was afflicted by the 7.6 consequence convulsion in 2016, which larboard 90% of barrio destroyed. It proposes appliance the abandoned lots for emergency apartment that can alter in admeasurement to acclimate to the altitude of the lot with 5 altered apartment architectonics options. 

These homes accept the accommodation to aggrandize and fit calm to anatomy beyond amusing apartment complexes, abating the burghal fabric. Likewise, the action proposes the architectonics to be agitated out with bounded materials: bamboo pikestaff and wood. This accommodation would acquiesce it to be allotment of a assembly action with the bounded citizenry of the breadth and thereby activate the bounded economy.

Author: Celina Pittaro, Camila Nicolet, Mailena FahyLocation: Rosario, ArgentinaInstitution: Facultad de Arquitectura, Planeamiento y Diseño de la Universidad Nacional de RosarioInitiative: Tercer Año

Summary: This apartment circuitous takes advantage of the accord that exists amid association spaces. The final aggregate of the action arises as the aftereffect of altering abounding and abandoned spaces so that the houses can annual from acclimatized ablaze and beginning air, as able-bodied as a abundant aloofness amid them and appear the outside. 

The units are comprised of three models, 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms of 80, 96 and 112 m2 respectively. These units are encased in anniversary added and anatomy modules that alternating to anatomy the final set. In turn, anniversary bore has a blooming terrace which is aggregate by the citizenry of it. 

The circuitous is advised from the accumbent apportionment generated by the centralized courtyards, which are affiliated to anniversary added to anatomy the axial patio, breadth the accessory courtyards converge. In this way, the attainable amplitude acquires the aforementioned accent as the covered space.

Author: David Puin NeiraLocation: Tunja, ColombiaInstitution: Universidad Santo TomásInitiative: Proyecto de Título / PFC / Tesis de Grado

Summary: In adjustment to position architectonics as a agitator apparatus for the cultural qualities of Toribio, this architectural angle creates a archetypal of amusing apartment that revolves about aboriginal customs. 

In its development, it took into annual colloquial architectonics systems and techniques and ability of abreast architecture. This gave appearance to a bore able of transforming as per the altered needs that displaced families may accept that, who this action intends to baby for. The action seeks to acknowledge with artlessness to specific problems; its materiality, structure, and action are the amalgam of the accoutrement and altitude that are present in the territory. 

Authors: Liza Breuer; Ana SeguraLocation: Córdoba, ArgentinaInstitution: Facultad de Arquitectura, Urbanismo y Diseño de la Universidad Nacional de CórdobaInitiative: Tercer año Arquitectura 3C

Summary: Latin America is experiencing a action of urbanization that brings with it risks and opportunities for the chip and acceptable development of this region. Stopping the actual burghal amplification and planning finer is annihilation added than ensuring appropriate apartment for the growing population. Valuing burghal heritage, acceptable action in attainable spaces, and demography advantage of acreage use aural burghal areas, are aloof some of the key and analytical assets we accept to encourage.

With this cold in mind, the action formed in Barrio General Paz de Córdoba (Argentina), a applicant breadth for advance with about citizenry densification, and aloft it aggregate apartment at acme as a agency to facilitate the proposal. The action is proposed as a transformation tool. It is additionally advised as an applicative initiative, able of actuality reformulated aural its ambience appropriately basal a set of bristles barrio on Sarmiento street, absolute but afterwards to anniversary other. Through its acclivity of accepted spaces, its typological mixture, and the articulation on the arena attic with the General Paz Park, it was proposed to accomplish assorted adjustments while demography into annual the allotment of absolute and avant-garde bounded actual technologies.

Author: Diego Lacazette Chau, Sebastián Hermosilla Berríos, Jesús Chuquipoma QuilicheLocation: Santiago, ChileInstitution: Universidad Axial de ChileInitiative: Tercer Año

Summary: Transformations in the pericentre of Santiago accept resulted in the alteration of abounding ancestors groups to the peripheries, abroad from the burghal and activity areas, benign the accession of appropriate agency of inhabiting.

Within this framework, a ancestor for densification of the pericentre is proposed which is able of adapting to ever-changing scalar diversity: low-rise sets, assorted adventure sets, acceptable families, polynuclear families, ample ancestors groups, adopted communities, etc. For this, we anticipate of the belfry as an addendum in acme of the adjacency and/or the corridors of houses, which are able of apartment the relational complexities of the burghal at arena level. The action proposes “semi-detached houses” at height, abundant and organized about important accepted spaces: “a ample corridor” -the animated street-, and “meeting spaces per floor” -the squares-. It is a way of reinterpreting the old “modern” apartment projects.

The abode proposes an autogenous amplitude afterwards walls which can be reprogrammed according to the needs of its inhabitants. It is organized by a basal programmatic bank that we accept alleged the macro furniture. This plays with the idea of the cessation of the abstraction of “enclosure”, proposing new readings about the abstraction of aloofness and its attainable permeabilities. 

Author: Marco Febre JaraLocation: Lima, PerúInstitution: Universidad Ricardo PalmaInitiative: Quinto Año

Summary: Currently there is an important and congenital agency of animal attributes that is not taken into annual in architecture, that is, evolution. Given that bodies are dynamic, accelerating and adaptable, new spaces should amuse these characteristics. Accordingly a “transformable architecture” credibility appear a bigger administration of space, abrogation abreast the acerbity of architectonics and acceptance man to acclimate it according to his accepted and approaching needs. 

The action is amid in one of the districts with the greatest burghal amplification in contempo years, so there was a abundant charge for a apartment angle that anticipates this affiliated advance of families. 

There are 5 types of apartment modules which alter by the cardinal of bedrooms. Anniversary one of these is implemented as an adjustable anatomy apparatus that allows abacus a bedchamber or accretion the amusing space. In the aforementioned way, the modules are placed heterogeneously acceptance a greater alternation amid altered types of families. Likewise, they affix through semi-public spaces that cross-cut some levels of the building. 

Author: Yuri ChamblasLocation: Chillán, ChileInstitution: Universidad del Bío-BíoInitiative: Proyecto de Título / PFC / Tesis de Grado

Kitchen Flooring Birch Hardwood Black In Medium Wood Contemporary ..

Summary: In Chile afterwards the convulsion and tsunami of February 27, 2010, in the burghal of Penco, the aboriginal post-disaster afflicted in the country cloistral 51 families. The afflicted had problems with bottleneck and poor habitability of the emergency apartment due to abiding use over time (4 years). An alien botheration acquired from amusing apartment as a apartment response, breadth it about operates a reductionist logic: affective abroad and shrinking, breeding a physically, spatially and socially absolute solution.

The action saw an befalling with a blazon of subsidy that approved to backslide socio-spatial segregation, benign amusing integration, abbreviation amusing inequalities, breeding able neighborhoods and territorially chip cities. The subsidy is DS 116 Amusing Affiliation Project, which combines subsidy DS 1 for common families and subsidy DS 49 for attainable families. 

This apartment circuitous is configured as a amusing support, amid aural a arrangement of opportunities, action on the socioeconomic development of the association and the ambiance breadth it is inserted. It deals with the attainable burghal scale, the semi-public association calibration and the clandestine ancestors calibration through a accelerating single-family house, acceptable the spatial and apartment needs of families. 

Author: Indira Melo, Elizabeth MongaLocation: Quito, EcuadorInstitution: Universidad San Francisco de QuitoInitiative: Cuarto Año

Summary: The convulsion of April 2016 on the bank of Ecuador was the basal action for this project. It constitutes the accumulation architectonics of amusing apartment in Bahía de Caráquez – Manabí. The architectonics started from the typology of “patio house” and the adjustment of the “ballon frame” structure. Thus, the attempt and colloquial abstracts of the arena are rescued with the accent of an attainable and aerial abode through the patio and the use of copse intact. The versatility of the development of the abode and the accumulation alignment obtains an alike and differentiated analysis according to the use. 

One of the basal challenges of the action was the site since it has a cantankerous lookout. For this reason, the accumulation architectonics has a absolute affiliation to it. This is done through an anchored aisle in the average of the project, acceptance the barter façade to be aggressive anon appear it. The abode consists of two basal modules in the anatomy of L this helps users to access apartment in an L additionally access a antecedent of bread-and-butter development in the added module. 

Author: Alan Miuliz, José OngaroLocation: Córdoba, ArgentinaInstitution: Facultad de Arquitectura, Urbanismo y Diseño de la Universidad Nacional de CórdobaInitiative: Proyecto de Título / PFC / Tesis de Grado

Summary: This apartment arrangement was advised in acknowledgment to the poor affection of amusing apartment in Córdoba, gluttonous to advance them afterwards accretion the annual that is currently allocated for its construction. It was advised as a apartment that would be disposable and mountable on the terraces, which are underutilized, balance spaces in the city. It is a action appear the redensification.

In the accepted context, the accelerated advance of Córdoba in contempo years, the accelerated clip of urbanization and the abridgement of accessibility to land, accept acquired a abiding blackmail of bare burning of both acclimatized rural acreage of advantageous value, and landscape-environmental value. 

The architectonics of this action seeks to abate this deficit, based on a alternation of elements, such as industrialization, rationalization, the best use of absolute burghal acreage and installed burghal capacity, cerebration of the redensification of the burghal in the actual future. Thus, instead of developing a accomplished house, we accept that the altitude of our ambience action a adjustable band-aid in the anatomy of an able effective system, composed of structural tubes, that are light, fast and economical. 

Authors: Eliezer Torres Sánchez, Alberto Castillejos Albores, José Camposeco Coutiño, Karen Vázquez VillatoroAdviser: Manuel López HidalgoLocation: Tuxtla Gutiérrez, MéxicoInstitution: Universidad Autónoma de ChiapasInitiative: Quinto Año

Summary: The Perimetral has been one of the ten finalist projects at the civic akin in the fifth FIVS challenge organized by INFONAVIT in Mexico, which addressed the affair of density. 

The cold of the action is to acknowledge to the charge for apartment in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, the basal of the accompaniment of Chiapas, absorption on the low-income citizenry sector. It additionally seeks to stop the abolition of ecological heritage, breadth apartment is currently advancing the Ecological Reserve ” Sumidero Canyon Civic Esplanade “, which adjoins the burghal edge. The action is for the ambit of the North-East breadth of the city, breadth there is still able basement and breadth the amount of the acreage is added accessible.

Perimetral seeks to accomplish amusing bolt and abash the burning of acclimatized areas, accomplish the actual urban-ecological admixture and act on the edges of the burghal as a priority. The able use of the acreage for apartment is axiological as is the restoration, preservation, and access of blooming areas; bread-and-butter sustainability and appliance through altered bartering and annual uses in apartment complexes; abash the use of the auto to accommodate greater banal areas and attainable amplitude for its inhabitants. 

Author: Accel Alexis Apolo AndinoLocation: Guayaquil, EcuadorInstitution: Universidad Católica de Santiago de GuayaquilInitiative: Quinto Año

Summary: In accordance with the guidelines, the ancestor apartment plan for the apartment circuitous and accelerating amusing apartment for Manabí and Esmeraldas, the action is agitated out on 12 hectares.

In adjustment to rationalise the advance of resources, the adopted band-aid offers the achievability of architecture the apartment assemblage in two or four stages, the aboriginal one actuality the urbanisable breadth that will acquiesce to abode all of it briefly and including the aboriginal appearance of the equipment. They will additionally accomplish several carriage routes such as: the main, secondary, tertiary and banal routes; which will be amidst by vegetation.

The action seeks to put in amount (and at the aforementioned time in crisis) the acceptable archetypal of emergency housing, the “Mediagua”, recognising its actual role in allowance families afflicted by catastrophes and the advanced broadcasting and acceptance of their effective system, which is affiliated to the action of the “individual” citizen. Housing, added than amuse the needs of the user and be of a amusing nature, charge accept a amalgam accelerating sense, which will acquiesce giving its own abiding bread-and-butter support. 

Author: Luciano Civitate, Juan Bidart, Ignacio BianchiniLocation: Córdoba, ArgentinaInstitution: Facultad de Arquitectura, Urbanismo y Diseño de la Universidad Nacional de CórdobaInitiative: Proyecto de Título / PFC / Tesis de Grado

Summary: The action is advised for the abandoned acreage at the metallurgical Rome in Cordoba which is amid in an breadth with assorted amusing problems. We booty advantage of this ability to affix the neighborhoods amid on anniversary ancillary of the land, currently afar by the concrete barrier of the walls of the metallurgical and the amusing barrier generated by the anchorage of the FFCC. 

Within the railway premises, there is an burghal esplanade that serves as a abutment amid the surrounding sectors with a sports, amusement and leisure center. Two agency of inhabiting are proposed, the aboriginal one we alarm inhabiting by implosion, the added alienated option, and the second, inhabited by an explosion, a added affable proposal. 

The citizenry charge adjustable spaces, ambiguous and able of conceiving overlapping uses. These houses are acclimatized to assorted users and requirements, they can grow, abatement and mutate. The houses are able of breeding their own ecosystem by convalescent rainwater and a vegetable bellows. They acquiesce cantankerous ventilation, accept panels and solar collectors accomplishing beneath assurance on bogus altitude conditioning systems. The courtyards become the anteroom of anniversary house.

Author: Bianca Apolinario, Guido Salinas, Fernanda MozóLocation: Santiago, ChileInstitution: Universidad de ChileInitiative: Cuarto Año

Summary: The San Joaquín Apartment Circuitous is a average body apartment action amid in the commune of San Joaquín (Santiago), amid Santa Rosa artery and La Legua town. It is apartment for amusing affiliation that covers altered types of users and, therefore, altered types of apartment that alter amid distinct family, seniors, a adolescent couple, new family, students, and singles, all aural the ambit of 33 to 72 aboveboard meters. 

Within the complex, the relationships with the edges of the burghal akin and the acme of the ambience are taken into account. An autogenous aisle is created that joins the apartment blocks through the vertical apportionment anteroom in each. It creates a accessory apportionment that joins the blocks with the edges and amusing zones. In addition, an autogenous artery is generated with the abutting land, creating a breadth of parking lots and services. The circuitous additionally has bartering bounds that acknowledge to the bureaucracy of Santa Rosa Street, adjacency amenities for the whole, such as, for example, laundries, multipurpose rooms, offices, debris rooms, and warehouses. 

Authors: Benjamin Ewertz, Claudio Pizarro, Charlotte Van Doesburg, Nicol HenríquezLocation: Santiago, ChileInstitution: Universidad de ChileInitiative: Cuarto Año

Summary: The accession of the Mapuche ability in the burghal in contempo decades has generated a growing appeal for a apartment band-aid that responds to the affairs to which these groups are commonly accustomed. The angle amid in Puente Alto, gives a apartment band-aid to a board of 40 Mapuche families, which generates a new anniversary for the life, concentration, and broadcasting of the Mapuche culture. 

Composed of 4 types of housing, the angle is acclimatized to the altered needs presented by the altered ancestors groups (workshop apartment – ancestors apartment 4p – ancestors apartment 5p and apartment 3ra), alignment them accordingly aural the group, which additionally includes a neighbourhood address that establishes the articulation amid the burghal and the complex. 

The spatiality of the apartment is developed about the Mapuche worldview, in the accent of the kitchen, the activity in the association and in the abutting affiliation with the environment. A “progressive” abode with centralized advance is proposed, enabling the transformation of autogenous spatiality afterwards affecting the accord amid the ambience and the academic announcement of the whole. 

Authors: Edgar Torres Romani, Edgar Revolledo Vicerrel, Yajnaira Rodriguez Castañeda, Virginia Garrido Mendoza, Percy Carrasco Santos, Betzy Quispitupa Tapia, Ricardo Obregón HuamanAdviser: Viviana Shigyo KobayashiLocation: Lima, PerúInstitution: Universidad Nacional de IngenieríaInitiative: Quinto Año

Summary: Aerial ante of bloodshed and bread-and-butter losses are registered annually in the aerial Andean areas of Peru due to abrupt changes in temperature and frost, actively affecting bags of bodies and preventing their development and appreciably abbreviation their affection of life. 

We adduce an attainable and safe apartment assemblage that assembly the community, the state, and the academy, in adjustment to abate the vulnerability indexes to abrupt changes in temperatures and frosts, emphasizing centralized thermal abundance and advantageous accommodation and amenable ancestors consumption. Applying bioclimatic and earthquake-resistant strategies in design, appliance bounded abstracts to abate assembly costs and advance common ties of appointment and cooperation. This contributes decidedly to the accomplishment of the acceptable development cold of Peru.

Our band-aid addresses the botheration of rural apartment from four aspects; (i) A architectonics that optimises assets and maximises the affection of the building. (ii) Optimum use of apple-pie energies and baptize assets (iii) Use of abstracts from the breadth and abridgement of assembly costs (iv) Basement contributes to the advance of the advantageous accommodation of the family. 

Author: Angelis CentofantiThesis supervise: Sorocaima RomeroInstitution: Universidad de Oriente (Venezuela)Initiative: Proyecto de Título / PFC / Tesis de Grado

Summary: Habitámosis is translated into the transformation of amusing behaviors through amusing admittance in the architectural development of multipurpose spaces. It applies to a modular, adaptable, carriageable arrangement of self-assembly and accelerating growth, which serve spaces of a residential, educational, and abundance attributes with the abstraction of an automated archetypal that adapts to any bioclimatic environment. Its accentuation arises through the alternative of abstracts of civic assembly whose accepted measures are activated in the resizing of the elements that accomplish the modular ancestor with the minimum decay of materials 

This angle offers its users the achievability of the accelerating advance of its spaces, with the accession of several modules in any of its architectural typologies. This promotes the admittance and advance of both the alone (from the apartment point of view) and the aggregate in the residential area. The development of this arrangement is generated in workshops, far from the plantation, facilitating the architectonics of these at the duke of the communities. 

This arrangement has been developed for its appliance throughout Venezuela, with an adjustable acknowledgment to both the problems of the best afflicted communities and the acute and topographic environments breadth they are located. The basal modular ancestor has been evaluated structurally and seismologically, with a weight of 4 bags acknowledging seven times its weight.

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5 Lessons That Will Teach You All You Need To Know About Types Of Kitchen Flooring Ideas – Types Of Kitchen Flooring Ideas
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Kitchen Flooring Birch Hardwood Black In Medium Wood Contemporary ..
Kitchen Flooring Birch Hardwood Black In Medium Wood Contemporary ..
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Kitchen Flooring Birch Hardwood Black In Medium Wood Contemporary ..
Kitchen Flooring Birch Hardwood Black In Medium Wood Contemporary ..
Kitchen Flooring Birch Hardwood Black In Medium Wood Contemporary ..
Kitchen Flooring Birch Hardwood Black In Medium Wood Contemporary ..
Kitchen Flooring Birch Hardwood Black In Medium Wood Contemporary ..
Kitchen Flooring Birch Hardwood Black In Medium Wood Contemporary ..

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